by Spencer Kilpatrick

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I don't like acoustic guitars that much but I do like some artists that play them. I also like trying to imitate (see: rip-off) those artists. I recorded these songs in an attempt to emulate some things I've been really into.

One being that Rolling Stones tune "Sweet Virginia". Another being my almost yearly return to Ray LaMontagne's first few albums. And the most recent being this band from Reno called Jake Houston & The Royal Flush, I've never listened to much country but I'm drawn by the straight-forward songwriting; there's something about saying what you need to say in 2 verses then repeating the chorus a few times that resonates with... well, almost everyone, I think. And Jake makes an acoustic guitar palatable to me... creatively... or whatever.

All those elements and influences are in these tunes but when all's said and done these are really just pop songs that didn't quite work with Failure Machine (at least, not immediately). I recorded them really quickly with Rick Spagnola at Dogwater Studios. Luckily, Rachael McElhiney, Zac Curtis, and Kelsey Garfinkle helped me sing and play them. Oh! And Johnny Bailey from Rigorous Proof let me use his 12-string for "Plastic Jesus." Thanks, Johnny.

The drink of choice during the recording process was Mickey's 40s despite the plastic container, and Rhonda was what I called my '92 Honda Accord. I --desperately-- hope you like the songs.


released March 13, 2017

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Rick Spagnola AKA Dogwater Dick at Dogwater Studios in Reno, NV.



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Spencer Kilpatrick Reno, Nevada

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